Founded in 2013, WOLF HOUSE PRODUCTION specializes in communication, advertising, and client-focused service.

Video Production

Discover the versatility of WOLF HOUSE PRODUCTION, crafting a spectrum of videos, from TVCs to MVs, ensuring top-notch quality tailored to your needs.

idea developments

At WOLF HOUSE PRODUCTION, we excel in idea development, crafting innovative concepts, compelling scripts, and captivating content tailored to your unique demands.

Photo Production

WOLF HOUSE PRODUCTION captures moments through photography, offering Key Visuals, Photoshoots, and Event imagery, all expertly crafted with cutting-edge equipment for exceptional quality.

Over the course of my 10-year career, I have immersed myself in the dynamic film and advertising industry, where I've had the privilege to work with esteemed organizations

Trung Lam - Wolf House CEO

I'm continually impressed by the creativity and dedication of the Wolf House Production team. They turn our ideas into captivating videos that exceed our expectations every time.

Jimmy Hoang - EXIMBANK CMO